Lagree - the next evolution in physical fitness.


Full body conditioning

The Lagree method of fitness, invented by Sebastien Lagree is aptly called the next evolution in physical fitness.

Simply put, Lagree is the most innovative approach to full-body conditioning. The method uses slow, controlled movements with constant tension working your slow-twitch muscle fibers to the point of failure.

resistance and counter resistance

Lagree includes resistance and counter-resistance, core strengthening, flexibility, and cardio all wrapped into one sweat-dripping, muscle-burning, heart-pumping 50-minute workout.


compound movements

Lagree works multiple muscles at the same time using compound movements.

This not only makes the workout incredibly efficient, but also more effective, as compound movements have been shown to burn more calories and produce better results faster.

what you really want to know

The results are truly astounding. Trust us – we’ve seen it firsthand! During your 50-minute workout at Centered, you’ll burn an average of 600 calories, and for the next 36-38 hours your metabolism is increased to keep burning fat and calories and repair your muscles.

You’ll sweat out toxins, burn fat, increase muscle, tone and lengthen, and improve strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Lagree is a workout for everyone.

Resistance options with the Megaformer range from 8 lbs to 150 lbs. Don’t worry – your Lagree coach can handle all the different fitness levels in the class. The workout is always changing so you never get bored, and because of Lagree’s dynamic structure, you won’t plateau like you do with other workouts.

Lagree is completely safe. It’s a high-intensity, low-impact workout working every muscle group in your body with no stress on the joints or the spine. And the patented Megaformer allows for seamless transition from one exercise to another – with no mechanical expertise needed. In other words, you won’t have to interrupt your workout for five minutes to adjust the settings or resistance. 

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