I have many stories about Amy and how she has changed my life. When I walked into Centered, I was bent over and extremely miserable due to back and neck pain. I got a lot better and then ended up having surgery (a 3-level cervical fusion) on my neck. I was in so much pain after surgery that I couldn't catch my breath and had not slept for many hours. I don't know why I thought of it, but I made my brother call poor Amy, because I thought she just might be able to help. She had us turn off the lights in my hospital room and did breathing/relaxation session with me. We had her on speakerphone and even my brother Matt found it super beneficial. I slept right after we hung up the phone. I owe a lot to my friend, Amy Goins, and to Centered! In fact, if I miss my weekly reformer duet session, my quality of life diminishes. Thanks Amy and Centered for keeping me well!

- Robin

I was lucky enough to have discovered Centered years ago, but the benefits of practicing here were never more apparent than during my pregnancy last year.  I stayed active at Centered for over eight months of my pregnancy, and when I was most in need of physical, mental, and spiritual pick-me-ups, Centered was there for me.  

Many women know the physical difficulties that come along with pregnancy -- lack of energy, aches and pains, and changes in physique, just to name a few.  With the wide array of classes offered, I was able to find what worked best for me.  TRX and Core Barre classes allowed me to stay energetic, flexible, and fit.  And most importantly, the staff at Centered were aware of my needs, and they were able to offer modifications that allowed me to continue to challenge myself while doing it in a safe way for myself and for the baby.  

The physical benefits were just a part of my experience.  The mental and spiritual support I experienced at Centered was just as important in maintaining my healthy balance during pregnancy. The staff are not only instructors, but also friends.  It was so encouraging to sense their enthusiasm not only for my health, but for my baby's as well.  All of the people there cared about me not only as a client, but also as a friend, and the camaraderie between the instructors and the participants always left me looking forward to my time there.  They were there for me, and in it with me. That's something that can't be measured in inches and pounds.   

I'm now the lucky mom of a healthy baby boy.  Despite the busy schedule that comes along with a new baby, I do my best to be as active at Centered as possible.  Thanks to everyone there, I've been able to bounce back quickly both physically and mentally, and I feel better now than I ever have.  

- Jaime Lewis

In 2011 I came to the realization that I was going to turn 40 and that I was too heavy and way too unhealthy for comfort.  I had started a new job in 2006 that requires a lot of time and mental energy and it can often just take my entire focus and drain me.  I decided I had to divert some of that focus back to myself or I would not have a long healthy life.  I had several items on my “me” list, but my health was at the top of that list.

Losing weight and exercising regularly again was where I decided to start.  Prior to and even during the first few months of my new position, I did exercise several times a week, but that had quickly tapered off until I was doing nothing and not eating healthy at all.  It was a vicious cycle.  The stress level, lack of exercise and poor diet all contributing to my lack of energy and leading to a feeling that I just couldn’t get things back on track.  I knew the proper way to eat; I knew the proper level of exercise:  all I had to do was do it.  So that is what I did.  I decided to take things slow and steady.  Over the next 18 months, I lost 50 pounds and became so much healthier through walking, jogging and exercise videos. 

However, I knew I still needed something else.  I really wanted to try something I had never done before, but I also wanted something that would give me a total body experience that would contribute to the sense of well-being I was beginning to find in all aspects of my life.  One of my co-workers, who had been a tremendous supporter and cheerleader for me throughout my entire journey, mentioned Centered.  She was interested in the TRX classes and thought maybe we could look into it.  I looked up Centered’s website and became very interested.  I called the phone number and got Amy who was happy to talk to me.  She answered all my questions and suggested that I try Core Barre.  My co-worker and I signed up and I immediately fell in love.  Core Barre is my first love, but I have since tried TRX Express, Pilates Mat, Reformer, Group Apparatus, Core Suspend and Ab Blast classes. I found my second love in Pilates mat.  Over the first 6 months of taking classes, I lost an additional 10 pounds and three inches from my waist.  I had stopped actively trying to lose weight, so the extra weight loss was a bonus.  And although I didn’t lose any additional weight over the next 12 months, I continued to grow stronger and leaner.  On top of that, I have been able to maintain the weight loss I had achieved, which is extremely important.  

But more than the physical changes, Pilates has really given me more confidence, more awareness of my body, my breath, and my alignment.  I think about how I walk, how I sit, or how I stand.  Each of the instructors has brought little insights that they share.  And even on the group class level I have learned so much.   All the instructors have been so committed to helping their students, and I feel that commitment.  I always look forward to my next class and almost feel like it has become a bit of an addiction.  Albeit one that is making me a stronger, better person.

- Sherry Parks