Pilates is the foundation of our movement studio -- it is our first love.

Pilates was originally termed Contrology (the science of the mind controlling the body) by its creator Joseph Pilates.  It's a form of exercise that connects body, mind, and spirit via breath.

Professional athletes perform Pilates, because they understand that a properly aligned spine and a musculature that's balanced translates to less injuries and a prolonged career. Hollywood A-listers perform Pilates, not simply for a long, lean look, but for the energizing effect that helps them endure those 18-hour days on set.

Through the Pilates experience, we will help you find your center, connecting all aspects of your being to create wholeness and harmony.

At Centered, there are a variety of ways to experience Pilates:

| Private Pilates Sessions

One-on-one personal training sessions designed to meet the specific postural and physical fitness needs of the individual client.  An initial evaluation is completed with identification of postural and gait-related issues.  Sessions include use of the Pilates studio apparatus in addition to instruction for a "homework" program. 

Joseph Pilates intended for his apparatus to be an integral part of his Method of Physical and Mental Conditioning. Training on classical Pilates apparatus enhances ones technique, heightens body awareness, builds strength and increases flexibility more readily than mat exercises alone. When performing mat exercises resistance is created by gravity and body weight. Pilates apparatus training provides additional resistance through springs and framing (support) for the body. In addition, as one progresses, apparatus training can provide a means of further challenge by allowing the exercises to be performed in different planes of movement.

$70/hour for apparatus (cadillac/reformer/chair/arc) training with Founder Amy Teter

$45/hour with Apprentice Meghann Slaven

$50/hour for mat and standing pilates only--sanitized mat provided

| Group Pilates Mat Classes 

These classes are offered for beginner, intermediate and advanced Pilates clients. 

$15/person ($135 for a package of 10 classes)

$10/personfor Intro to Pilates with PAI Apprentice Instructors

| Reformer Duet Sessions

2-person training sessions for those that prefer to work out with a friend.  Each individual has their own studio reformer during the session.  The Reformer enables you to gain core stability while developing peripheral strength.  Each movement will strengthen both your stomach and back muscles and increase flexibility while creating long, lean muscles.  Reformer training is appropriate for all fitness levels, most special needs individuals and anyone without prior Pilates experience.  Many people come to Pilates with a single goal in mind but walk away with an unexpected change in their overall appearance. 

$40/hour/person with Founder Amy Teter

$25/hour/person with Apprentice Meghann Slaven


| Semi-Private Studio Classes 

These classes offer involve an intimate, small group atmosphere.  They allow participants to receive mat class instruction with the use of props (magic circles, Pilates arcs, etc.) and limited use of the Pilates apparatus. This class offers the "best of both worlds" for individuals interested in training with props and apparatus while also receiving mat class instruction (maximum of 4 persons per class).  Note that sanitized mats are provided.

$25/person for a duet

$17/person for a trio

$12.50/person for a quad

| Group Apparatus Classes (EXO Chair classes)

Limited to 5 persons, these classes utilize the Pilates EXO chairs, fitballs and arcs.  We promise you will get a full-body workout that's tons of fun!

$20/person ($180 for a package of 10 classes)